Online Yoga Classes 

Below you can find all the 'how tos'  including, using Zoom, making payment, joining sessions and the link to the community channel.

The online class  needs a minimum number to run. So far, it has never been cancelled.  If there are enough students you will receive the link to class 30 minutes prior to the start time.  If there are not enough students you'll receive an email that class is cancelled and your credit will be returned to you. 
Please book before 6pm to avoid disappointment. 

DISCLAIMER: Please ensure that you are fit and well to practice Yoga as Kaleidoscope Yoga accepts no liability for injuries/negative consequences while practicing in your home. I will do my best to hold space, and keep you safe, and I would be grateful if you could do the same by making choices that are right for your body. Namaste.

Join an online Yoga class

Book your space  and then receive an email with the class link 30 minutes prior to the session. 

Online prices are the same as in person  (see below)
£5 suggested monthly donation for the Community Channel

Payment is made through the Momoyoga app either through BAC, Paypal or Credit card. If paying by BAC you will receive an email with bank details.

Single class = £9

5 class pass = £40 (expires after 3 months)
10 class pass = £75 (expires after 6 months)

Buying a pass does not automatically book you into a class of your choosing.  You need to book each individual session.  An email will confirm your place.

Information about online Yoga classes

What you'll need:

You will need to download Zoom.  Click on the buttons below to download Zoom and access a tutorial if you're unfamiliar with how Zoom works. 

A yoga mat and space in your home.  Optional extras: yoga block, blanket and/or towel. If you don’t have a yoga block, get creative with items in your home. A book, or shoe box, stool or chair. Anything that will help bring the floor to you or allow your practice to be more adaptable to your needs.  When choosing a blanket, let it be ‘sturdy’ enough to support your body, as it might be used in posture work, a towel also works very well and often stays in place better than a blanket.

Yoga Community Channel

After years of requests, at last (drum roll), the community channel is here! You will find a library of videos which have been filmed live during the morning sessions.  There are also some random flows and tutorials for beginners. 

Creating this channel has forced me to overcome a ton of insecurities and aversions.  What I've learned is that I'm terrible in front of the camera, ha!  I have also cultivated a deep admiration for all the online, video making, yoga teachers who have paved the way; y'all are amazing!  

Please excuse the very amateur production quality, the videos aren't perfect because I'm not perfect.  Isn't perfection overrated anyway?  I'm offering this channel completely free.  Of course, if you would like to make a monthly donation, it will be gratefully accepted.  Information above.

Please 'subscribe' to the channel, mainly so I can track numbers.  If people are using it then I will keep upping my technology game.  I really hope you love it!