Yoga for Beginners

New to yoga? Here is some good news = you don't have to be strong or flexible to practice yoga. Through the practice of yoga you may find that you do start to feel stronger, more flexible, and less stressed.

Introducing yoga to people is my most favourite part of being a teacher, I seriously love it! My technique and sequencing for teaching beginners has been cultivated over many years of being a student, teacher and continuing professional development. Fun, laughter and community are at the heart of all sessions.

Unfortunately, my own schedule does not allow me to run regular beginner courses anymore, but I'm holding a series of workshops until courses are back on the timetable. 

If you like to learn in a fun, supportive environment, scroll down to find out more.

*Terms and Conditions of booking: there are no refunds. Rolling over to the next course may be possible however, this can only be allowed up to 12 months from original booking. The price is for the course (not per session) and non-negotiable.

Foundations of Flow 

Beginner workshops for all

Tuesdays 19:30-21:00

These workshops are designed for total beginners, or individuals who would like to refine their practice.  The focus will be on the foundation of most yoga classes which is the sun salutation/vinyasa sequence.  

If you're feeling nervous about joining an 'all level' session with no prior yoga  experience then foundations is for you!  Working interactively you will not only gain confidence to enter any yoga class but you will meet other people who are starting too, and hopefully see them again in an an 'all level' session. 

Foundations is also a wonderful way to refine your practice.  Returning to the yoga fundamentals is good at anytime.   

Cost of the workshop is £15 and numbers will be limited to everyone gets personal attention.  Click the date below to book or get in touch.

May 21
July 16
September 24

St Aidan’s Community Centre Brunton Park 

No refunds offered, but you can roll your place over to another workshop within 6 months or purchase

Helpful information for Yoga beginners

Never been to a yoga class? Here are some things to know.


Come a little early. Especially if it's your first class. I really like to welcome new students and it's important we can have a chat about any problem areas or health conditions.

If you do arrive a bit late, don't worry! It's totally fine, you made it, so great :) If I'm talking maybe just wait quietly by the door until I motion you to come in.

Remove your shoes and socks, yoga is done with bare feet.

Please make sure your mobile phone is shut off or on silent.

Try not to eat a large meal prior to class.

If you have a health condition or injury please tell me!

What to bring

Bring a Yoga mat

Warm clothing for relaxation


Having a blanket is very useful to keep you warm during relaxation and can also be used as a prop.

Props can make a huge difference to your practice and can be purchased on various websites. Some helpful props are belts, blocks, bolsters and an eye bag for relaxation.

Wear comfortable exercise clothing.

Odds n Ends

Ask questions! Feel free to ask a question during practice or if you would prefer speak to me before or after class about anything that wasn't clear.

Let go of the competitive mind set. Be kind and loving towards yourself.

Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are. Practice your yoga.

After class observe how your mind and body feel. Hopefully in time you will begin to take the bliss you find on your mat into your everyday life.

Beginner Course was fantastic! Can already feel a change. Looking forward to the next class. S. Murphy
I've just finished first ever beginner course and absolutely loved every minute of it. I've learnt how to relax, and how to connect to my body along with great yoga techniques. Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, I can't wait to get myself back next week. K. Liddell
Kate is a fantastic teacher, the pace is just right and she really takes care in planning her classes. Got me hooked, I’m not great at it but hooked. A. Snell

I always wanted to try Yoga and when I found Kate's beginners class I plucked up the courage to sign up. So glad I did! I now look forward to it every week, it has helped me to introduce exercise into my life again and has given me that push I needed to do something for myself and my well-being. It is a very relaxed and inclusive class. C. Davison

I've just completed the beginner course. What an amazing experience, full of lovely people. Kate, the teacher, is wonderful and so experienced in what she does, making the transition into yoga a smooth, fun and tranquil journey. Thank you! C. King
I've been to various Yoga classes over the past 10 years or so but after moving house last year I was looking for a class that would give a good challenge and variety. Kate's classes are just FAB! She is very attentive to different peoples levels and is a lovely, warm and friendly teacher too. I would thoroughly recommend Kaleidoscope Yoga to anyone wishing to give yoga a try or who wants to improve their practice. A. Llewellyn
I look forward so much to Wednesday yoga at Kingston Park every week; however I'm feeling, I always feel great afterwards and I'm always glad I went. K. Devenport
  I tried the beginners course with Kate as I hadn’t done any yoga for about 4 years & was recovering from a lower back injury so wasn’t sure how much I could do. Kate’s class is really welcoming & a fantastic mix of people all genders, ages, shapes and sizes. Kate encourages you to work within what is available to you, so you don’t feel under pressure to push too hard or beyond your capabilities. I’d highly recommend Kate’s classes - wish I’d started again sooner! C. MacDuff
Completed the Beginner Yoga 6 week course and I’m looking forward to joining the all levels class. Kate is so welcoming and friendly, she give clear instructions and advice - a great class to start learning Yoga, so glad I joined! K. Turnbull