With the practice of Yoga, we balance the Kaleidoscope of life. 

Yoga is a union of body and mind leading to a development of our overall spirit. It is an ancient art; a harmonizing system for our lives and with regular practice can lead to peace and well being.

Hatha Flow is a dynamic style of yoga where you move from posture to posture with the rhythm of the breath. Classes are infused with eclectic music and thoughtful sequencing designed to strengthen, stretch and revive the body and mind. Students are encouraged to work within their own abilities in order to find their own personal flow. 

About me

Welcome! I'm Kate, the creator of Kaleidoscope Yoga. Thanks for stopping by my website. I grew up in New Hampshire, USA (the North East across the pond). Growing up in such a beautiful place fostered a love of nature and outdoor activities, especially hiking. I studied Anthropology at University which ignited a passion for the richness of varying culture so I love to travel. On one of my big travelling adventures I met a wonderful man who convinced me to marry him and move to the UK, so I did. Settling into UK life was surprisingly hard for me. I thought I was such a free-wheeling gal but turns out I found adapting to change difficult. Yoga saw me through some very tough years and taught me so much about myself. It changed my life on every level and continues to be my teacher and support system. I decided to train as a teacher so I could share the wisdom and beauty of the practice. That was in 2009, I can't believe it!

Since that time I've been doing my best to embrace the North East (which I love!) and create a community of happy, fun loving, yogis. I'm so grateful to all the beautiful people who have made that happen and absolutely love the welcoming and supportive environment created by this growing tribe, you're all so amazing!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I feel so blessed to have been able to devote myself to being a full time yoga teacher for a time. But, I eventually decided to reduce my teaching schedule and return to university.  I enjoyed the challenge of returning to academic study so much I stayed on after by degree in occupational therapy to complete a PhD.  Now I split my time between teaching yoga and a research position at a local university.  One constant though, is yoga.

Why Kaleidoscope Yoga?

Well, why not?! Actually, Kaleidoscope Yoga chose me. It just kept coming into my mind and wouldn't go away. My biggest inspiration is nature and I have always been drawn to the beauty of kaleidoscopes. The colours, the patterns, the shapes are just so dreamy and beautiful. Personal, a see a kaleidoscope everywhere in nature and for me, it represents our existence in this crazy, wonderful world. A union of complex patterns in a constant flux creating novel and unique designs. We are always evolving and developing as people, existing in an ever changing environment and without yoga, it would be easy to lose our balance.

My Yoga Journey

I took my first yoga class in America in 2002 to see for myself what all the hype was about, it was love at first sun salutation! I am not a naturally flexible person and even though I was totally rubbish at yoga when I started, I just couldn't stop because it made me feel so good in every way. Throughout the years I've studied various styles of yoga including, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Jivamukti and Forrest Yoga. I completed my first teacher training in 2009 and my second training in 2014 which qualified me as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher. I'm deeply honoured to be registered as a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. I'm also trained in Thai Yoga Massage and believe in order to be a great teacher I must never stop being a student.


How I teach

We are all unique beings so I encourage students to listen to their bodies and always offer variations on postures. I do my best to teach with the motivation that yoga is about self discovery and not about being a contortionist, that’s just a bonus for the extremely flexible yogis! Classes are infused with laughter, lively music, and stem from all my passions, love of nature and life experiences; good and bad. Just like a kaleidoscope, my flows are a colorful and ever changing design.